Rental conditions

Rental terms and conditions

Prior to departure, the charterer is given a brief instruction on the use of the boat, the use of safety equipment in case of need and the rules of navigation.

In addition, he/she is provided with the original documents of the rented vessel, which he/she will take care of returning upon return, and an illustrated manual in the chosen language, which contains advice for safe navigation, with indications for landings, dangers, possible problem solving.

All boats have an on-board GPS locator device that sends the coordinates to the rent point throughout the trip, so that the boat can be tracked in the event of a breakdown.

Our boats have all the safety equipment required by law, and are also equipped with: mooring ropes, anchor, wings, half sailor, sun awning, high-quality cushions, first-aid kit.

On board, children are counted as adults; it is a good rule that they always wear the life jackets provided at the time of departure.

Delivery of the boat takes place at our Bardolino – Punta Cornicello rent point; opening hours are from 9:30 a.m. (subject to different agreements) and closing time is at 19:00 at the latest.

Our boats can be hired from a minimum age of 21 years, preferably with an experienced driver on board; please note that the driver must not take alcoholic or psychotropic substances.

Contractual, insurance and legal conditions

Documents to be presented: valid identity card or passport.

The boat is insured under the third party liability insurance; Bardolino Rent Boats SRL accepts no responsibility for objects and private property which may be damaged, forgotten or lost during the experience.

The lessor declares that he accepts all responsibility for damage occurring to himself, others and property due to improper handling of the boat, carelessness and negligence.

The lessor ensures that he has been adequately informed and instructed on the main rules of navigation in inland waters and on the correct handling of the boat which is the object of the contract. The lessor is aware of the dangers and proper handling of a boat; he must be in normal psycho-physical condition and has been informed about the regulations in the case of alcohol and/or psychotropic substances, which are strictly forbidden.

The boat meets the requirements and does not present any malfunctions and/or breakages and must therefore be returned. The skipper, having taken note of the perfect condition of the boat (propeller and foot in particular), declares that he/she assumes all responsibility deriving from the conduct and custody of the boat entrusted to him/her.

The deposit shall be returned if the boat, at the end of its use, is returned without damage and in the condition in which it was entrusted.

In the event of damage, the amount shall be deducted from the deposit up to a maximum of €250.00; for amounts more than the deposit, the user shall give the difference.

If the boat is returned after the agreed time, an amount of € 2.00 shall be deducted from the deposit for each minute of delay; if the boat is returned to a place other than the agreed one, an amount of € 20.00 shall be deducted from the deposit for each mile of distance from the place of delivery.

The boat may not be sublet to third parties, nor may it be used for towing and/or water skiing.

Rental motor boat at Bardolino

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